tonWERK- Steak & Lobster - 800° Specialty Restaurant

The original – with the best steaks in Zurich. “There can only be ONE!”

You sit in tonWERK in an incomparably strong atmosphere, a million year old slate with fossils under your feet, sit on buffalo leather chairs and benches, eat on solid wood table tops made of real walnut, listen to the music from eight high-end Revox speakers and research in our glass wine cabinet for a selected wine.

An intense, emotional restaurant with a steak quality you’ll go far for.

In summer, enjoy all restaurant offerings in our garden restaurant & lounge in the park


The steak and the 3 steps preparation:

The choice of meat is essential, one of the most renowned meat suppliers is Donald Russel. He supplies the British Royal Family, the best hotels and restaurants in the world. Choose between the unique Dry Aged Beef and the exclusive regional Bio Swiss Gourmet Grand Cru Beef or Veal from our own maturation cabinet.

In addition, the meat is prepared in a special 800 degree oven (broiler). It forms a savory roasted crust in a short time, re-cooks at 59 degrees (low temperature cooking) and becomes highly aromatic and incomparably tender. The fresh Maine lobster or wild-caught shrimp form a delicious symbiosis and create the typical “Surf & Turf”.

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We are developing a new vegetarian gourmet concept for feinWerk, which can be supplemented with meat or fish / seafood according to taste and can be ordered in addition.

The new menu will be on offer from around mid-March onwards



Monday to Friday: 11.00 – 14.00 and 18.00 – 23.00

Saturday: 18.00 – 23.00

Sunday: closed

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