No other colour is as perfect as the colour “white”. In mythology it has a special meaning. White animals are regarded as living beings close to God, the holy spirit appeared as a white dove, and Zeus appeared to Europe as a white bull. White symbolises light. It stands for the beginning, for truth, for neutrality, prudence and accuracy. That is why you will find nothing but white in our spinnerei.

The individual pieces of decoration encourage you to literally spin or to try out something new and to let the wheel spin a little longer – to come up with new ideas. In this way, the pictures on the partition wall have an inspiring effect and show the past and future of then and now in an artistic combination.


In the spinnerei room you can simply spin around with up to 60 people. Design new concepts and test old ones for accuracy. Nothing distracts you here. The perfect space for simplicity and clarity!

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Name of the roomArea sqmLengthWidthHeightU-FormParlamentMovie theaterBanquetParticularitiesDaylightAir conditioning
spinnerei10014 m8 m2.80 m26406040xx
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