feuerLOUNGE - your private lounge and restaurant

Sitting, playing, enjoying or dining – we look at your well-being.

Sipping a red wine, playing a game of chess with a stranger, gazing alone and contemplatively at the fire and enjoying the moment. Or dining in private with friends and family while conversations are accompanied by the crackle of the fireplace. Our feuerLOUNGE is arguably the most individual and emotional space in the hotel. With a wall made of split wood, heavy fauteuils made of buffalo leather, and a sideboard made from elm wood that is over 120 years old. If you wish, we can also turn on our high-end Revox speakers here.

As soon as you enter it, you don’t want to leave!


Gentlemen’s Club / Ladies’ club

This is where gentlemen and ladies meet – the “second home” where gentlemen relax, meet their friends, eat, drink and enjoy a great ambience. For the ladies, the space offers an individual and emotional ambience for a mutual exchange, eating, drinking and talking about life’s topics.



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