We take over an ecological co-responsibility

On this page we show you how the Thessoni deals with the environment. Responsible, sustainable and serious.

Food waste project

We dream of a planet without food waste and are committed to making this dream a reality every day.

That’s why we offer our unsold food via the flexible system of “Too good to go”. This allows flexible guests to order food via app and conveniently pick it up from us. On the one hand, this reduces our carbon footprint by reducing food waste, and on the other hand, it appeals to potential customers in your area.

Download the “Too good to go” app, select the region and book the package we put together for you – veggie or with meat. Let us surprise you every day and fight against food waste – we do it! 

More deeds from the Thessoni team:

  • Our restaurant “tonWERK” processes only meat without homones and antibiotics, this benefits man and nature
  • The entire first floor is equipped with LED – technology
  • The entire cooling and ventilation is controlled by presence detection.
  • We use district heating
  • We control the light via motion detectors
  • Our “eco-room” with waste separation and grease separator
  • Electricity regulation system

A few simple tips to help us protect our environment:

  • Please keep the windows closed when the heating is on Turn off the lights when you leave the room
  • Use public transportation when traveling in the city. Bicycles are also available at the reception



  • Report any leaks
  • Do not leave water running uselessly
  • Please throw only toilet paper into the toilet, otherwise there is a waste garbage can available.
  • For the sake of the environment, you can choose and personalize your own room cleaning.
  • Please do not put any toxic substances into the lavabo / toilet in order not to pollute the sewage treatment plant.



  • Help us to separate the waste
  • Newspapers, glass and plastic bottles in the waste basket in the room
  • Other waste in the waste garbage can in the bathroom
  • Used batteries can be deposited at the reception desk
  • In order to avoid useless waste, various guest items are available at the reception (free of charge).

We will be glad to give you more information about our environmental policy.

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