Welcome to Hotel Thessoni - Where your dog is part of the family!

We know staying in a hotel without your four-legged friend is only half as nice.
That’s why we are happy to welcome you and your dog to our house!
With us, dogs are not only allowed but also welcome guests.

Below, we have answered the most critical questions that guests traveling with their dogs always ask us.

Are dogs allowed in the breakfast room of the hotel?

At Thessoni, the dogs have access everywhere because we assume that dutiful dog lovers have done the basic training with their four-legged friend.

A dog barks at every noise in the hotel? 

If your dog is susceptible to noise and barks at every sound, it is essential to address this, as it is disturbing to your dog and other hotel guests. You can change your room to find a quieter area or train your dog to react to noises less with rewards and positive reinforcement.

Are dogs allowed in the hotel bed? 

It is always the dog owner’s decision. Where you feel comfortable – man, woman, and dog like to sleep. We have waterproof pads in all beds, and thus, we protect every allergy sufferer.

Do I have to bring a dog basket?

No – you don’t have to, but many dogs have their “odor blanket” or feel comfortable in their usual dog basket. It’s sensible to provide the dog with something of its everyday environment.

Is it allowed to leave the dog alone in the hotel room? 

Yes, if your four-legged friend is trained to do so – otherwise, it is torture for every dog.

Leave your phone number in case of emergency.

What are the costs for the dog in the hotel? 

We usually do not charge for the dog, but we charge a flat rate of Fr. 20,- for a unique basic cleaning/hair on the day of departure.

Any damage caused by the dog will, of course, be charged to the guests.

Does the hotel offer a dog-walking service? 

No, usually not – but every rule has exceptions… e.g., in case of seminar participation, meetings, hospital visits. Ask our Team because we are all fans of the cool snouts.

Hello fur noses and their faithful humans!
“Woof” to the most fantastic four-legged friends and a hearty “hello” to their two-legged friends. Welcome to Hotel Thessoni – where dogs dream and their humans feel in paradise! Enjoy the stay, and here you can book directly!
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