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Vegetarian dishes with choice of meat & fish as desired

"Nature is wise“

All restaurants in Thessoni are open for private guests / the public. We welcome all guests to stay with us!

In feinWERK we focus on the essentials and connected to the region.

  • Passionate craftsmanship
  • Selected, “forgotten” products
  • Authentic taste
  • Conveys the culinary heritage of the Alps

The feinWERK conveys home, the craft and its taste, which is meticulously and sensitively prepared with the hands. The dishes are a combination of many vegetable and above all rare and forgotten products.

The special thing is the taste, which is formed from the practice of life. This is reflected in dishes that are dedicated to clarity and connected to the region.

In feinWERK we concentrate on the essential. Because, who does what he loves, makes it in the best sense of the word “simply for the best”. First-class craftsmanship, a love of experimentation and the very best ingredients; that’s all it takes.

Our cards:

  • feinWERK menu

We are developing a new vegetarian gourmet concept, which can be supplemented with meat or fish / seafood according to taste and can be ordered in addition to that

The new menu will be on offer from around mid-March

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Monday – Saturday

11.00 – 14.00 h and 18.00 – 22.00 h

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feinWERK - Restaurant -

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