tonBAR & fireLOUNGE Champagne, Singles & Music

All restaurants and bars at Thessoni are open for private guests / the public. We welcome all guests to stay with us!

“One must always be ahead of life by at least one whisky.”
You don’t have to share Humphrey Bogart’s wisdom, but one thing is indisputable: a good whisky is more than just a drink.


Our offer

In our tonBAR we offer rarities and surprises, for example the Swiss Highland, a golden yellow, almost amber shimmering single malt from Switzerland.


The special features of the menu also include a selection of champagnes and the finest brandies from Urs Hecht, such as the Bernese Rose Apple Brandy. Here, too, you sit in a casually relaxed atmosphere.


daily: 18.00 – 23.00

Are you interested in one of our VIP offers? Attention wine lovers!

We invite you to taste the last bottles of our range in our weinKELLER. Together with our wine supplier, discuss and philosophize about our last bottles you “empty”. In the process, you may very well come across a “noble droplet” again and again, which must now leave our weinKELLER. A great opportunity to learn something new, to get together with like-minded people and to enjoy the evening in a cozy and informal atmosphere. Of course our kitchen will spoil you with something delicious to eat.

Price: the whole evening “bottle empty” to vinified 99.- grapes per person

Registration: Reservation required so that we can prepare your glass.

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