Thessoni brand - owner and management

The Thessoni brand is a Europe-wide registered trademark for hotels, restaurants, food and other product lines. The brand is owned by Trendotel AG, a company of Roger Gloor .

Roger Gloor runs the Thessoni Home and Mrs. Heidenreich the Thessoni Classic. In both cases, the shell of the building is rented and the investments in the interior and the overall concept were made by Trendotel AG.

Eva Heidenreich

Management Thessoni classic

Thessoni brand for individual hotels

The brand was developed by Roger Gloor and realized in the former Trend Hotel. It captivates with a very independent and striking design as well as layout language, which deviates strongly from the previously known concepts.

Therefore, the Thessoni concept is very well suited for locations outside the hotspots.

Interested? Call us: 044 870 88 88! Our network “handWERK” will be happy to advise you.

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Are you looking for an operator for an exciting hotel, do you want to build a hotel and are you looking for a realistic assessment, which will often be unpleasant!

Trendotel AG, Roger Gloor and the network “handWERK” are the right AND practical partner for this.

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