Funeral service at Thessoni

We offer space and premises for individual funeral ceremonies.

Society has largely banished the topics of death and dying from the normality of everyday life. It only seems to exist on television. And when a loved one from the family or circle of friends is suddenly torn from life, it fills the bereaved with a feeling of powerlessness, grief and pain. Many people feel unable to make decisions, organize necessary things and create an individual “farewell ceremony”.

Grief needs familiarity

A death is a turning point, like giving birth, you need support. We are there for you during this difficult time of saying goodbye – and on the day of the funeral. We create space and space for a personalized funeral service. For hours in which you can talk and exchange ideas with others in our fireside room, the fireLOUNGE, in our library or in one of our banquet rooms such as harmonie or symphonie.

If you wish, we can create the deceased’s favorite dish, cake or drink. Or make sure that the music he or she liked so much is played in this protected setting.

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Funeral service at Thessoni

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