Corporate mission statement of Trendotel AG, Hôteliers & Restaurateurs

Brands: Thessoni classic & Thessoni home

Guiding idea

We want to give our guests the opportunity to create and experience their own personal living, working and dining experience. We are committed to individuality, informality and personalized service and, together with an originality in service provision that meets our guests’ needs, we want to
to convey joie de vivre for our guests as well as for our employees.

Mission Statement


We are an independent restaurant and hotel operating company in the form of an AG with domiciled in Regensdorf. The majority of shares is owned by Roger Gloor. External partners can acquire a shareholding if this is advantageous from an economic point of view or if it is necessary to secure the expansion, the continuation of the company.


We take the individuality of our guests seriously.

We form a clear counterweight to the uniformed chain establishments. We therefore attach great importance to the fulfillment of personal wishes and to the care of details in all areas.

In the area of “Seminars, Conferences, Banquets” we are the competent, capable and flexible team for professionally executed and customized events of the highest quality. We strive to be the market leader in the greater Zurich area.

We are convinced that only a partnership based on mutual recognition and casual respect, combined with empathy and the willingness of all our employees to provide attentive, high-quality service, can ensure long-term success.


We want to set ourselves apart from our competitors in the restaurant business by offering a creative, themed and regularly changing menu. In doing so, the presentation of the drinks and food should be as important as the quality of the dishes.

We consider it our duty to offer a selection of nutritionally valuable dishes for the must eater. The sole measure of quality achievement is the judgment, the evaluation by our guests.


We are committed to the principle of “elegant, casual, but first-class quality” in all areas, but do not celebrate the highest possible luxury quality as the sole success factor. As a principle for the creation of our performance applies to all areas: Elegant modesty of the highest quality. In the area of service, we strive for positioning and image as a luxury service provider.

In the hygiene requirements we are uncompromising in all areas and only impeccable personal and operational hygiene will be tolerated.


We pursue a clear and uniform pricing policy. Our guests should be able to recognize the prices as fair and in line with performance. Therefore, we are also willing to openly present our calculation and give our guests the opportunity to critically examine the pricing.


Partnership, fairness and reliability determine our behavior in business conduct.

We want to build long-term and solid business relationships, strengthen the trust and respect of our partners in us. However, we also expect first-class services, fairness of conditions, reliability and are uncompromising in quality requirements.


We achieve uniqueness through our employees.

In order to optimize service provision and quality, as well as to achieve the best possible self-realization of our employees, we strive for a flat hierarchy. The group with its own dynamics and self-responsibility should be in the foreground.

Each employee should be assigned the appropriate competencies within his or her agreed area of responsibility. In this way, the development of personal initiative and innovative strength should be promoted and the freedom to make decisions should be given appropriate importance.
Each employee should be able to recognize and feel the meaning and value of his or her task within the company.


We strive for the greatest possible polyvalence of employees. This should support the objective of being able to offer attractive and diverse jobs. As a counterbalance, the principle of job sharing is intended to enable partial deployment. As far as possible, the wishes of our employees are taken into account in all forms of work.


We want our employees to have the opportunity to further their education, whether through internal or external training.
We support them financially and in terms of working hours as far as economically feasible.


We want to remunerate our employees primarily on the basis of their individual performance. However, salary is also significantly influenced by qualifications and loyalty to the company.

All employees should be able to measurably influence the success of the company. Therefore, they can already actively participate in the planning of the target setting and subsequently in the quality and success control at all levels.

If set targets are exceeded, which have a financial impact, our employees are given a substantial share of the additional success.


We aim to generate profit and reserves that will allow an appropriate return on invested capital and secure the company’s existence and further development from its own resources in the long term.


We maintain an open, clear and truthful information policy both externally and internally, with the aim of building trust, solidarity, a sense of security and sympathy among employees, customers, the media and the authorities.
Entrepreneurial convictions, goals and activities should be able to be openly stated.


We assume a joint ecological responsibility. We want to achieve a creation of our services that is as nature-friendly as possible in every respect.

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