handWERK in the Thessoni

The design concept of Thessoni Hotels integrates Swissness in a charming way and picks up on the theme of craftsmanship that has always characterized the region. It provides for high-quality materials from nature for all areas of the hotel, wood, stone and leather, for example. 

Surprisingly unusual seminar rooms encourage people to look at things differently. For example, the “lernGARAGE”, which conveys a rude charm with industrial lamps, artistic wall panels and a workbench as a lectern. Or the “feuerLOUNGE” with a fireplace for private dinners. At Thessoni, we reinterpret traditions.  A wooden floor and modern pavilions with canvas and open sidewalls adorn this 600-square-foot patio area.

But it’s not just the décor that reflects the craft but also the 1×1 of a restaurant – the cuisine. In feinWERK, Pure & Slow Food cuisine – “essential, clear and reduced” is celebrated by the team with every move and by hand – that is, homemade. At tonWERK you sit over million year old slate with fossils underfoot, on buffalo leather chairs and benches and eat on solid wood table tops made from real walnut. The furnishings reflect the local history from the craft of high-end Revox speakers, manufactured back in Regensdorf. 

There are still countless small and big eye-catchers that tell a story like the Caran d’ache column, the photographs of an artist who took Switzerland and the craft and brought them together as well as the little things in the lifestyle rooms. 

Would you like a guided tour of our house and learn about the stories and backgrounds? Gladly – contact us at marketing@thessoni.com. We will be happy to show you our craft! 

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