Easy tricks to help us protect the environment

• Please remember to close the window(s) when the heating is on.
• Switch off the lights when you leave your room.
• When visiting the city, fell free to use the public transport services. Bicycles are also at your disposal at the reception.


• Don’t leave water running needlessly.
• Make sure faucets are turned off securely.
• Inform us of any leaky faucets.
• Only dispose toilet paper in the toilet. For other products a waste basket is provided.
• To conserve energy and water, during your stay bed linens and towels will be replaced every 3 days or more frequently if needed or requested.
• Please do not throw any chemical products in the toilet / sink, as this could disrupt the water treatment process.


• Please help sorting waste:
– Use waste bin in the room for news papers, glass and plastic products.
– Use the bin in the bathroom for other waste.

• Used batteries you can dispose at the front desk.
• To avoid unnecessary waste, complimentary toiletries are available at the front desk.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more in-formation about our environmental policy.