Locations for large banquets & functions (up to 400 people)

Our ground floor has several function and event rooms. Thanks to a modern, flexible wall system we provide settings for small and large groups. It doesn’t matter whether you are holding a meeting or celebrating with 4, 40 or 400 people.



denkWERKSTATT (20 – 100 people)

This room is lined with solid wood, and bricks decorate its walls. A ceiling-high picture with proverbs and wisdom from prominent people stimulate you to play with words – from small talk at a party or for a creative function. And to take a break you simply step outside: behind the glass is our winter garden.




denkWERKSTATT + (80 people or more)

He we expand the Thinking workshop by the Pantry, which we can set up to be very flexible: for dining – and without tables it also makes an ideal dancefloor.




harmony (60 – 140 people)

This special hall is a symbiosis of both of our Spinning mill and Silk world rooms (see also locations for intimate banquets and functions). Our lighting system arouses a wide variety of moods according to colour and guarantees unforgettable moments for graduations, birthday parties or whatever you want to celebrate at the time.




symphony (140 – 300 people)

Here you can see how flexible our world of rooms is: symphony is the expansion of the Harmony hall by the Thinking workshop. Up to 300 people can celebrate here in a stylish ambience. Even vehicles are exhibited and presented here.




speiseKAMMER + (250 people or more)

Could there be any more? In the Pantry plus, gastronomy and event venues achieve the greatest possible symbiosis. The name is: Rentthe Hotel. We offer emotional experiences for up to 400 people on 600 square metres.