Cakes are forgotten, veils torn and rings go missing. Cars which break down and carriage horses that run away. In films, weddings often get out of control. This is funny when we see it in the cinema, but in real life, a wedding has to be planned and executed professionally.

The team in the Boutique Hotel Thessoni classic Zurich specialise in this. We take care of things – from preliminary talks with the bridal pair, to the arrangement and realisation of individual wishes. Would you like to drive up in a carriage or make a precision landing by helicopter? Should red roses rain down from the sky or white doves glide up towards the clouds? We can provide the right kind of setting in every aspect.

Our top chefs will conjure up a gourmet dinner and also the buffet with freshly-caught lobster or a tender filet. All the bridal pair has to do is say »Yes«. We will be happy to take care of the rest.

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