Grief calls for sensitivity

We provide space and facilities for individual funeral gatherings
Society pushes the themes of death and dying away from the normality of everyday life – we tend to visit them only on television. When a cherished family member or friend is suddenly torn from us, it can leave the bereaved with a sense of helplessness, sadness and pain. Many people feel unable to make decisions or to organize the necessary things and to arrange an individual farewell ceremony.

We are here for you during this difficult time of leave-taking – and on the day of burial itself. We create the space and environment for a personalized funeral: you might like to speak in our fireplace room, the feuerLOUNGE, in our library or in one of our banquet rooms, or simply to exchange words and thoughts with attendees. On request, we can recreate the deceased´s favourite dish, cake or drink, or perhaps you would like to have their favourite music playing gently throughout this sheltered environment. Death, as birth, is a turning point – so you might well need support. The Thessoni classic team is here to help.

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